ProphetStor Adds to Its Executive Team with Industry Veteran

Milpitas, CA — July 27, 2020 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. has been striving to bring its AI-enabled solution to address the complexity and efficacy of the MultiCloud, Edge Computing, and 5G platforms. Today, ProphetStor announced that Dr. Ming Sheu had joined its executive team as the Executive Vice President of Products, in charge of industry alliances, product developments and deliveries. He will be leading our products to address our next level markets and the company as a Data Services company.

Dr. Sheu brings to ProphetStor close to 30 years of professional experience from IBM, RapidStream, Accton, Ruckus Networks, Brocade, Arris, and CommScope. He is known in the industry for bringing carrier-grade products to the market and has been managing teams spanning US, China, India, Israel, and Taiwan. Before joining ProphetStor he was the VP of Cloud Engineering at Ruckus Networks, responsible for the development of a next-generation cloud-native, microservice-based network management-as-a-service product.

“I am happy to join ProphetStor and to be part of a great team’s journey to deliver the game-changing solution,, for addressing the complexity and efficiency of operating Kubernetes platforms that are becoming the cores of MultiCloud, Edge Computing, and 5G. ProphetStor already has an impressive patent portfolio that defines them as a pioneer in the AIOps for container management. The team is ready for the next phase of exponential growth,” says Dr. Ming Sheu, EVP of Products of ProphetStor.

“Dr. Sheu has played many important roles in the industry and has successfully delivered cornerstone products for the companies that he co-founded or served. We are thrilled to have him joining the executive team of ProphetStor and for him to lead the product teams to address the needs of our customers in the cloud and telecom industries. I am confident that he will lead the team in our next phase of company development for exponential growth,” says Eric Chen, PropehtStor CEO. “Ming and I have known each other for more than three decades and have been working together throughout the years academically and professionally. I admire his capability in handling complicated matters, persistence in delivering carrier-grade products, and integrity in leading teams. I am delighted to have him join our team on both professional and personal levels.”

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ProphetStor, a leading AIOps vendor, helps enterprises optimize cloud resources and accelerate application performances. #Kubernetes #federatorai #AIOps #5G

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ProphetStor, a leading AIOps vendor, helps enterprises optimize cloud resources and accelerate application performances. #Kubernetes #federatorai #AIOps #5G

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