ProphetStor Brings Machine Learning Based Intelligent Kubernetes Orchestration to Datadog Customers

MILPITAS, CA, August 24, 2020 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. today announced the general availability of 4.3 for Datadog., ProphetStor’s Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) platform, provides intelligence for orchestrating Kubernetes container resources on top of virtual machines (VM) or bare metal, allowing users to operate applications without the need to manually manage the underlying computing resources.

Utilizing metrics from Datadog, provides AI/Machine Learning based predictions for containerized application workloads and cluster node resource usages as the basis for resource recommendations. This frees DevOp from constantly monitoring the Kubernetes cluster utilization. With resource recommendations from, DevOp can easily perform intelligent resource planning and greatly reduce the cost of over-provisioning. The application-aware workload prediction also enables to auto-scale application pods via Datadog’s WPA, providing just enough resources for optimal performance. Additionally, provides cost analysis from a multi-cloud perspective utilizing the intelligent workload predictions and recommendations.

“With the release of 4.3 for Datadog, all Datadog customers can enjoy the benefits of AI-based intelligent workload predictions using application and cluster node metrics from Datadog,” said Ming Sheu, EVP of Products, ProphetStor. “In addition to the easy-to-use user interface, customers can view the prediction results and recommendations from the integrated Datadog Dashboards, all from the same single pane of glass. Furthermore, taking advantage of the powerful Datadog monitoring platform, our integrated monitors alert users the potential resource shortage according to the’s resource usage prediction.”

ProphetStor’s patented, Deep Learning enabled Data Correlation and Impact Prediction Engine (DCIE) forms the foundation for its ProphetStor’s 4.3 is a generally available product from ProphetStor. For a detailed description of the solution, please visit

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